Sugarcanes Amidst a City

I live in the East part of Negros and usually hang out at the East block where new buildings are built every year. It used to be just empty lots of greens, now, we have (if I’m not mistaken) 6 hi-strip establishments, Greenwich, Jollibee, Chowking, Mcdo, Savemore, Lopues East and other smaller establishments. But what remains constant is the sight of sugarcanes passing by in the middle of this transformed province. It reminded me of one of Jason Mraz’s songs “Quiet”. I usually spend time with my boyfriend here and for us, this place is always a reminder of how we both began. We used to talk and just sit in the “New Government Center” for hours. I remember him just telling me how he felt when we were only dating. We would sit on his motorbike, sip some soda and observe children playing on the grounds behind the government center which is now called “The People’s House”. 🙂 It’s always great to be reminded of how everything began.

Here is the first part of the song. You can check it out on youtube for the melody. 🙂

Every time I go home

There’s another cell phone tower

Construction getting louder

Paving over yesterdays

You and I

We will try to find the side that’s pretty

While our town becomes a city

We won’t let it be erased

Empires rise, empires fall

Will you be my constant through it all?

I will hold your hand and

Watch the world spin madly ’round this life, we’re


Everything goes quiet when it’s you, I’m with

Everything goes quiet when it’s you, I’m with


Summer In the Philippines




Took my first dip at a pool today for this summer. This was in Palmas Del Mar Beach Resort. Summer really gets me excited and I look forward to this season especially because I am in the Philippines. Being in a tropical island, we have the opportunity to eat fruits which only grow in the tropics and we get to visit beautiful beaches. Among my favorite is the mouth-watery watermelon.



I love everything about watermelon. It’s so juicy and flavorful. It’s best to eat it as it is but I recommend you chill it first before eating it. You can also make a watermelon shake 🙂



Just being by the water is already very refreshing, to just see the sun and smell the salty water. I can’t wait to go to a beach! I wouldn’t wonder why many tourists visit my country. It’s because summer is best spent in the Philippines. I feel blessed to be here. 🙂



How I Got To Know Gatsby

I read a summary of the story of The Great Gatsby at 2am on March 19, 2015. I didn’t think that I would, one day, experience and be in one of Gatsby’s parties. I was introduced to Gatsby’s world in just a short span of time. I was searching for a good summary, one that would help me understand the gist of the story and thanks to yahoo search results, I was able to find and read a clear summary of The Great Gatsby. I was nervous the night before because I will be hosting a big event. In these types of scenarios, I usually over think and find it hard to go to sleep. So I read the summary and I might find a hard copy and read it for the summer. These are my thoughts:

1. First of all, Gatsby was too late. He planned to win back Daisy’s heart at a time that she was already married. I read in the story that he did everything to become wealthy because he wanted Daisy to notice him and then she might, finally, give him a chance. I think that men should think hard when they love  a woman and not wait for her to get married before making a move.

2. Gatsby was poor and did everything to become rich so that Daisy would notice him. I think that his efforts were futile towards Daisy and he should have just moved on instead of trying to win her back. Despite the time that he was able to spend with Daisy during and after a party (this was already when Daisy was in a married status), when Daisy was confronted by her husband whether something was going on between him and Gatsby, she denied it. I don’t know what was the mentality of women in the 1920’s but it is true that love alone doesn’t sustain any relationship. Love must be nourished through different ways and women have desires, too. Our lives have changed and whether we like it or not, we have to also have keep up with the changes. In society, there will always be competition and if you have to do everything to get what you want.

3. I haven’t read the book yet so I am uncertain whether Daisy really loved Gatsby and I have no idea of their past but it must have been the best since Gatsby wanted to win Daisy back and to even go back to that time when they were together. But women, imagine yourself already living with a man who can give you a comfortable life but you know in your heart that he isn’t really the one you are in love with. Now, Gatsby shows up, ready and willing to give you a wonderful life! What would you do with your marriage? I’d always have to say to think more than a hundred time before getting married, and of course, for those who believe in God’s role in their lives, just like me, you have to really consistently pray that you do not make a mistake in choosing the person that you are going to marry.

4. No person could really speak in behalf of someone else’s love or love story. How much did Gatsby love her that he’s willing to win her back again despite the fact that she is already married?

5. Lastly, I’m going to have to read the book. I think that it’s a wonderful story and that it’s full of emotions. I might watch the movie but I’d prefer to just reading it.

The event is Barrister’s Night. It is a yearly event hosted by our school to send off the upcoming BAR takers.

I’m happy that I was able to host in a Gatsby party. Knowing what happened to Gatsby, (that he was killed by Nick, Daisy’s husband) I kind of felt like going back to that party where he came up to Daisy after several years. Imagine how that must have felt for Gatsby and for Daisy? If she really loved Gatsby, that would have been a really painful choice to deny Gatsby. Oh well, better grab that book and read soon. I’ll come up with a better review or write up after I’ve read the book which will hopefully be after this summer.

Here are some images of our Gatsby party last March 19, 2015 at La Proa, L’fisher Hotel:

FullSizeRender (2)

My gown was tailor made by Ysabelle’s Bridal and it’s the perfect gown for that event!


Together with the BAR operations team

FullSizeRender (1)

Special number by a friend of mine and his husband 🙂

FullSizeRender (3)

HMU by Amanda. 😉

Inspired by Macadamia and Others


March 11, 2012 was the date that I created this blog and decided to name it toughnutocrack. After doing so, I never wrote anything in it.  I was thinking of something that would kind of represent me as a person and what came into my mind was this sweet-smelling nut that’s covered with a really tough shell and has a cream-colored edible thing in it. I don’t remember why I didn’t write after I made this blog. Perhaps, I got too busy with my job. I graduated in April 2012 and I met Kevin (my current boyfriend) and so many things happened. I didn’t have a family, not just yet. 🙂

After Multiply sent me an email that they were transitioning to just being a marketplace and will no longer be hosting blogs, I remember transferring my old posts to…. see, I can’t even remember. I think that was blogspot. Yes! It was blogspot and if my memory serves me right, I deleted those blog posts, eventually. I was a maintainer of my blog, blogs even! When I was young, I felt like there was so much to write about and one site or blog site was not enough. I love to write and it manifested early. Then, it just died out. I remember a couple of years ago, I was lying on the bottom deck of our apartment bed and just reading my old blog posts. I wrote about my love affair when I was a College freshman. It was in Iloilo City. I met a musician guy in church, through my friends. We were in the same dormitory, as freshmen. It was one sweet love in the mountains of Miagao and we shared our love for music. I thought it was the perfect thing until I found out that he’s cheating with a close friend of mine. A lot of my blogs revolved around our love story. I also wrote about my group of friends, we called ourselves “the hamham family”. We were from different provinces and cities and we were in the same dormitory. They are still my friends right now. In my old blog, I wrote just about anything, even though, they were not even interesting to read. I wrote how I feel and they were mostly not interesting. It wasn’t that difficult to delete them because it was, kind of, me saying goodbye to my immature self.

Today, I am going to go back to blogging because I know that my mind and heart has grown. I know and feel that there are many great things coming up for me in line with the many changes that have happened in my life. I’ve never been in a relationship this long (we just turned three last March 14), I’ve never written for someone else on a very personal level, I haven’t felt this relaxed even though I am a working student (currently a junior student of law) and something is just knocking on my heart’s door telling me to blog. Because of my writing job for Jen, I am able to read different kinds of blogs and comment (helps increase traffic) and I realized that blogging doesn’t have to perfect. Blogging is actually a choice that you make, a decision that you would love to share to the world what you have, that your value your life to make it worth recording. Someday, our blogs will be the only means that people can reconnect to us. It might be the legacy that we will leave behind.