Summer In the Philippines




Took my first dip at a pool today for this summer. This was in Palmas Del Mar Beach Resort. Summer really gets me excited and I look forward to this season especially because I am in the Philippines. Being in a tropical island, we have the opportunity to eat fruits which only grow in the tropics and we get to visit beautiful beaches. Among my favorite is the mouth-watery watermelon.



I love everything about watermelon. It’s so juicy and flavorful. It’s best to eat it as it is but I recommend you chill it first before eating it. You can also make a watermelon shake 🙂



Just being by the water is already very refreshing, to just see the sun and smell the salty water. I can’t wait to go to a beach! I wouldn’t wonder why many tourists visit my country. It’s because summer is best spent in the Philippines. I feel blessed to be here. 🙂




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