Writing 101, Day Seven: Should I Stay or Should I Go?

I think you should stay. You have free lodging, a really big house with pets and a cute nephew.

Definitely, you should leave! You are financially capable of sustaining your needs. You have a great online job. It’s paying you real money! You should just know how to manage it.

If you leave, you have to pay for your internet connection on your own,rent, bills! You can’t share it with your sister or call your father if your sister doesn’t pay the internet on time.

You should leave and go get the freedom that you’ve always wanted! The freedom to go anywhere- the beach! You love the beach right? And the waterfalls and travelling long distances.

You should stay, or else pay for tuition!

You can still ask for your parents’ support even if you’re away. What’s the use of technology?

If you leave, you will never have the chance to improve your communication with your parents. Do you want that?

You should leave, you can just call them or skype them or visit them!

You should stay. How much do you have in the bank? 5 digits? Girl, that will zero out if you leave the nest now!



Writing 101, Day Six: A Character-Building Experience


Mr. Married Guy

He always greets our classmates with his warm smile, if he came in early. He is usually late. He enters the room and slightly leans forward while walking swiftly to an empty chair, crossing the aisle, hoping the professor would not see him. But I guess they always do, ’cause he is known as the son of the assistant dean of our school, and he is noticeably. He has that neatness in him. I would sometimes take a short glance at this latecomer. In my mind, he never fails to come in late to class. He looks simple all the time. He just wears either a black or white tee or sometimes a scrub suit which tells me that he’s definitely, a nurse. He could not be a masseuse  as how my classmates would tease him. He usually has a white Gshock watch on, perhaps, to match his white rubber shoes. He looks neat, alright. Perhaps, nurses are required to look neat all the time, even when they are not in uniforms. I don’t know him. Well, I didn’t. We just pass by each other and I give a slight, hesitant, half of a smile. I didn’t know him until we had this BINGO event in school. It was our year level that hosted it and we were required to purchase the tickets. I was excited to go there. I was looking forward to play the game. An unknown number texted me, then I read it and it was him. I wondered, of all the classmates he had, why would he request me to play with his bingo cards. Of course, he didn’t want them to go to waste. I didn’t see him that day. He handed his ticket to one of our classmates who was a close friend of mine, and she told me that he asked her to give it to me. Then, I was, okay, my cousins were with me to play the game so I can distribute the tickets evenly so we don’t all get our hands too full.

We became friends after that. He would ask me about homework or the exams. The last time we got in touch was while he was on vacation in another city. I haven’t heard from him from then on, but I guess I won’t ask him how he is. He’s married. He had a way of listening to me when I talked about the exams and my uncertain answers. He would say “okay..” in a tone which tells me that he was awaiting for the next word, answer or legal basis that I was going to say, so I knew I had to say something more. He’d reply in a sad tone, and he does this all the time, every time we talked about exams, that he didn’t know the answers. Once, he dropped by my house to borrow a book in taxation. I waited for him outside the house. He rolled down his window as he drove in front of our house and again flashed that warm smile but I could tell he was already a bit tired.

He had a little baby girl. I’d like to think that he’s a really busy person. I guess, he is. Maybe, he has valid reasons why he always came in late to class, he doesn’t know majority of the answers to the exams, he doesn’t attend school activities and gatherings. I don’t want him to miss out, though. I don’t know when will I see him again. Sometimes, I think that he’s just after the friendship as long as he benefits from it. I don’t even want to think about it. He’s a busy, married man who’d grab the help he can get from someone. As a friend, though, he’s one, cool, person.


Writing 101, Day Four: Serially Lost Part 1

Off to my first night out here in Manila, again, after five months. The last time I came here, I only spent the night then left for the airport. Now, I have two weeks! Two weeks that I hope to spend well. Now, I need something to complete my look. Hmm.. I don’t have my watch with me, so I guess my sister’s tomato watch will be perfect for my outfit and I guess she doesn’t mind me borrowing it. I don’t think she’s even using it, evincing from the dust I can see on these other straps.I think I can wash the other straps later so I can use them while I’m here. This  black and white strap looks fab! Alright, I look fine. I’m going out with a close friend of mine with her boyfriend who’s also a friend. I hope we eat some good food tonight. I want to skip fatty foods, though. I’ve been working out and I’ve been trying to trim down my belly for the beach. I, honestly, think that I’m not eating healthy anymore. I feel really thin. I mean when I wake up at night, I try to feel my elbows and they feel like the arms of a 5-year old. This is not good. I think I should be eating more.

“I think we should wait at KFC”, my friend said. “Sure! We have lots to talk about while waiting”, I replied. We waited for about an hour. I knew because I glanced at my sister’s watch. “Uh, where is he?” Katherine was starting to become impatient.


Writing 101, Day Three: The Three Songs of My Soul

Today’s challenge is interesting because I haven’t really thought of the three songs which are very important in my life and this is kind of a chance to connect to my soul , my mind, my internal being to decide the three most important songs in my life.

I recall, while I was in Manila in the beginning of April which is summer time in the Philippines, my sister and I were on the beach together with some friends, we were looking at the sunset. Funny how the universe simply converges everything at one time. My sister brought her bluetooth speakers with her and we sat there on the sand, we just took a shower and our hair was damp. I was staring at the beautiful sunset and the sky when “Dusk and Summer” by Dashboard Confessional played on her speakers. I felt sad and my heart became heavy. It was a flashback of the moment I had with a first love of mine. He still is an inspiration for my poetry and blogs. To be clear, I no longer love him. But there is that feeling which lingers with you when you experience a love so real, for the first time, in such a wonderful place. I still write about the place where I met him, his characteristic and I’m thankful for those wonderful memories. Some people are meant to just serve as inspiration, though. They make you feel loved, he made me feel loved and special and as a woman, I felt the luckiest. But things had to happen, right? And we both didn’t have to be bitter about our ending. Now, he has a family and I know he’s happy because that’s what he always wanted. This song reminds me of what we had, of that beautiful love affair we spent in the mountains. But just like the sunset, it had to end. There’s a point of no return in every sun set that happens and every summer is just a short break that will, also, not last. “Dusk and Summer”. Here are some lines from that song, “She looked deep into you as you lay together, quiet in the grass of dusk and summer. But you’ve already lost, but you’ve already lost, but you’ve already lost when you’ve only had barely enough to hang on”. See? This song was the best hint of my ending with that guy. He knew we had barely enough to hang on but still, we tried.

The next song which is important to me is “Feels Like Home” by Chantal Kreviazuk. Every time I hear this song, I have a mixed feeling of sadness and happiness. This is a soundtrack of a movie. If I’m not mistaken, I think it’s “How to Lose A Guy in 10 Days”. I love that movie starring Kate Hudson. Her name was Andy in that movie and my nickname is “Andee”, now even the movie is significant. 🙂 I’ve been in love several times and every time, the feeling is just like home. I think that I’d always want to go back to that time when I first fell in love because it feels wonderful, beautiful, every time. Regardless of the number of times I’ve broken my heart, I think that getting hurt is all part of the process, and you do not become a better person, a better lover if you’ve never been hurt and if you haven’t seen other people’s imperfections but still you chose to love. Here are some lines from the song:

Well, if you knew how much this moment means to me
And how long I’ve waited for your touch
And if you knew how happy you are making me
I never thought that I’d love anyone so much

When you’ve finally found  a person you love, love that person so much and it every day will feel like home with him or her.

The third song which is important to me or has made a big impact in my life is “Ordinary Song”. It’s been rendered by different artists but the one I like the most is that of David Pomeranz. Every time I listen to that song, it’s like I’m in trance. The words are so lovely, so humbling yet it is the true expression of a simple man’s love to a special woman. I think that a man who is truly in love will do everything to win the heart of the woman that he loves. I know that I am being loved by a simple man right now. I love the idea of him being the breadwinner of his family, he is a provider. I know that he is capable of working hard for our own family in the future. Being a simple man, he is not selfish, he doesn’t focus on material things to keep our relationship alive. He found me, he made a move to win my heart and I know that what we have is wonderful. I can see it in his eyes, just how much he loves me. I love the fact that he’s not some other selfish guy who’s capable of cheating or luring women with their riches. He knows for a fact, that I, too, love the beauty and the simplicity of what we have now and I know that he will stay.

But if you ever find yourself
Tired of all the games you play
When the world seems so unfair
You can count on me to stay
Just take sometime to lend an ear
To this ordinary song


Writing 101, Day Two: A Room with a View


The sun is scorching hot. I’m dragging my small, red luggage across the asphalt street, dodging spits and dirt on the road. I remember my mom would tell me to drag my bag slowly because the wheels might detach. Yes, I remember my mom’s voice well and her reminders that just pop into my mind. I get on the big jeepney after handing over my red luggage to the “konduktor”. I guess it isn’t in his job description to help the passengers load their stuff but he does it anyway. “Thank you, nong.”

The jeepney that I’m in today is  blue one. I see a lot of blue jeepneys around here with loads of “batuan” lodged on the roof of the jeepney. The “konduktor” gathers our fare, I tie my hair into a bun and place my bag pack on my lap and pretty soon, I know that I’d be snoozing for an hour. First, let me check where my phone is. Oh, Kiko has texted me. He’s also about to leave his house and head to our school, UPV, Miagao. I love the sound of my Sony Ericsson Walkman phone, and the keypad is black, with soft buttons and the letters and numbers are backlit. Oh, well, guess, I’ll snooze now. I’m excited to be in my dormitory and of course, to see him. 🙂


Catching up with Writing 101: First Task

I “enrolled” myself to Writing 101 here in WordPress and completely forgot to check out my email. Turns out that Writing 101 started last April 6, after Holy Week here in the Philippines, while I was in Manila. That was the exact day I started working on my case digest project, so it would have been impossible to do my Writing 101 homework. Okay, yeah. I’m just making excuses! Well, yknow, I was on vacation too.

Anyway, here I am. If you’ve read my posts, you can tell that I haven’t really been doing much right now. It is summer time and I have no summer classes. Starting with this Writing 101 program is really beneficial for me. I’ve decided to no longer catch up with the exact dates of the program but I will adjust it commencing today and just read the tasks and emails for the following days. The latest email I got is already day fifteen and I am aware that this program will only last for twenty days. I know! It is too late! But it’s always, always, better late than never. If you’re one of those participants in the Writing 101, perhaps, you can give me a heads up of what to expect? How have you been doing with the tasks? Truth is, I am already doing the first task which is to “Unlock the mind”. The task is about writing freely for 20-minutes. To write just about anything that comes out of my mind and so I am doing it now. I’m trying to think of ways to use up my time and I think this a good way for me to develop my writing skills. I’m also excited to participate in this program. It is like enrolling in an online summer writing class. There are a lot of times that I catch myself just being bored then I remember that I can always come up with ways to not feel bored and use up my time to develop myself.

It’s also interesting because it is always in summer time that I find myself writing. Obviously, it’s the free time but I don’t want to completely detach myself from school work. It’s just amazing that ideas also just kind of enter my mind and they just come out through words. Also, I still do my readings. I mean, I have to, and I love reading the law. It’s interesting and technical. You always have an advantage if you know the law and I’m not going to elaborate on that because it’s something that only a few people can do. Okay, twenty minutes is almost over and hopefully, I was able to jot down something substantial. Excited for the next task tomorrow.