I’ve been here in Manila for a week now and I am just enjoying my time. Currently taking a break from reading and I decided to make this blog and incorporate my review of the 8ten action camera which I bought during a flash sale last March 26 at lazada.com.ph. Summer memories are best captured with a great camera. I was hesitant to buy the 8ten action camera at first, thinking that it might be of bad quality and won’t last long. Then, after thinking long enough, I decided to wait for 9am the next morning which was the scheduled flash sale of lazada. The original price of 8ten action camera is about P6k+ but during the flash sale, it was only sold for P1,299. It was very affordable and I’ve been staring at water cameras for so long, wishing I could buy one for myself. Thankfully, this opportunity came and I felt that I just had to buy it. I had a summer escapade coming up and I thought that it would be great to have a nice camera. Of course, I read the reviews and the buyers said that it is a go pro and sj4000 killer. Those are famous action cameras that you’ve probably heard of. The 8ten action camera had a 5-star review and there wasn’t a single negative review. Well, one said that it was difficult to change the mode when you’re already under water but everything else was fine. So, here it is when I got it from the mail just two days after I ordered it.

IMG_0635_9444191 IMG_0637 IMG_0639 IMG_0640 IMG_0641_9431134 IMG_0642

The camera is very cute! I chose the silver one so it looks cool 😉 Like a go pro. It includes a bike mount and a helmet mount. My boyfriend will be trying out the helmet mount soon, when I get back. I bet he’s very excited. I will also make a separate review with the videos while the camera is mounted. Enough about the technical stuff, let’s get to the more exciting part- My trip to Zambales!

My sister and I searched for a good tour package to Anawangin cove, Zambales and we found one from DLC Travel and Tours. We rode a van and there were 14 of us. All in all there were three groups. Travel time was about three hours. We had a stop over at Mcdonald’s at Subic for breakfast. The time was about 4:30 in the morning and we were advised to have breakfast as the next stop would already be in San Antonio where will board our bangkas and go island hopping.


We also changed our clothes because we were informed that we are going to get wet on our way to Capones Island. After breakfast, we took another 30-minute ride (or so I think, I went back to sleep after eating) and we’ve reached San Antonio Market. We grabbed some drinks from 7/11 and went to the port. They don’t call it a port, exactly, but that is where the bangkas are being docked.

Day 1: Capones Island and Secret Beach no. 1


That is Spycoup by our bangka. hahah! The people there are very kind and helpful. Jhonalyn was our guide and she was only fourteen years old. Our bangkero first loaded our things to the bangka then we boarded.

IMG_0743 IMG_0744

 Off to Capones Island! On our way, we passed by different islets and islands. Forgot the name of this one but I imagined it to be like a blue whale. Cj said it’s too big to be the size of a blue whale, but nobody really knows what lies beneath the waters that we were floating on. 🙂

IMG_0753 IMG_0751

On second thought, it also looks like a chicken leg! haha By the time we reached Capones, I took out my 8ten action camera just to be sure I capture the sceneries in wide angle. 🙂 This was my chance to test its quality.

PTDC0008 PTDC0023

Overlooking the island. It is so beautiful! 😀 You can see the shadow of the lighthouse.

PTDC0005 PTDC0012

With the gang on top of the lighthousePTDC0017

This lighthouse existed in the Spanish period and it is still used to guide international ships in locating and accessing Subic Bay and to get to the West Philippine Sea. Of course, the bulbs have already been replaced. I read that only the top most part was renovated and the other parts were not touched. We could also tell that the staircase is deteriorating because it was shaking while we were going up and down. It was an easy trek to the lighthouse and it wasn’t that hard to get up and down the lighthouse. You will definitely love the challenge. There is also one level in the lighthouse which had no windows at all! Spooky! My sister and I imagined being trapped on that level. There was nothing in there but mere writings on the walls.

PTDC0010PTDC0009PTDC0011Our last stop was on the cliff. The view is just breathtaking!

Bye Capones! It was time to go to Anawangin. We were not able to drop by Camara Island because it was difficult to dock and we were a bit late on schedule.


IMG_0781 IMG_0782 IMG_0787 IMG_0793 IMG_0833

 We stayed in tents in Anawangin because those were the only accomodation.We also paid P300.00 each for 3 meals and the food was enough. There was  soup already and fruits and you can go back for a second tray of rice if you wanted. It’s always exciting to camp with people that you are close with. Neil brought card games and we played until midnight with only our flashlights and the bonfire as our source of light.  There was no electricity so we had to find ways not to be bored. These pics were taken after lunch. It’s a good thing my sister brought her loud bluetooth speakers and we listened to some of our favorites. By about 2:30, we decided to go snorkeling. There weren’t a lot of corals so we decided to just take pictures and Charisse, Neil and I decided to take it up a notch by exploring the not-so-hidden-but-difficult-to-access-beach which we call secret beach no.1. Scroll down further for our adventure. 🙂PTDC0116 PTDC0067 PTDC0069 PTDC0075 PTDC0076 PTDC0078 PTDC0089 PTDC0092 PTDC0097 PTDC0101 PTDC0108 PTDC0115 PTDC0128 PTDC0159 PTDC0173 PTDC0174 PTDC0177 PTDC0178 PTDC0179

Here are some of our pictures in secret beach no.1.. facing the Anawangin cove, you will notice two shorelines. One on the left and the other on the right. These are our pics on the left side of the cove. We believe that only a few people brave these areas because for secret beach no. 1, we had to cross some hot stones and stop over some “dipping pools” just to relieve our feet from the burning! It was like aaaah! so hooot! My sister learned that she has thin skin on her soles. hehe 🙂 Good thing there were some “dipping pools”. I’m talking about water stuck on the stones, those were really helpful.

PTDC0206 PTDC0207 PTDC0203 PTDC0197 PTDC0195
PTDC0185 PTDC0186

So many hot stones surrounding us! 😀 Then, of course, the best part when you are on the beach is you get to witness the amazing sunset and sunrise.


The six of us just staring at the after sunset. 🙂


When my sister and I got to the shore, the sun had already set. We just enjoyed the color of the sea and the sky afterwards as we listened to Dashboard Confessional’s Dusk and Summer.

Day 2: The Trek and Secret Beach no.2

We woke up at 5am to go to the hilltop. We wanted to catch the sunrise but it hid behind the other hill which was higher. Our guide, Jhona, said that it was dangerous to pursue the other hill because there was a bangin in between. In short buwis buhay. So we stopped on the second flag.


My sister fell asleep. haha She’s too tired.


We maaaade it!! 😀


Smiling because of this awesome view that greeted us! What a great way to start the day.


Anawangin Cove at dawn

After that, we went down, Cj, Cath and Char decided to rest and Spycoup, Neil and I went to the secret beach no. 2. Our guide told us that we can reach beach no. 2 by going down hill. It was steep and of course, it looked very dangerous! But for me, this was the icing on the cake! I love Anawangin and the Philippines, in general. ❤

PTDC0234 PTDC0235
PTDC0250Just the three of us! We made it coz we tried! hahah :3

PTDC0264 PTDC0265 11105814_10206315363741148_1547055659_o IMG_0937



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