Country Lovers


Will you ever forget the sunsets
when you and I sat on the hill
you told me to live life with no regrets
it was green, grassy, peaceful and still

Will you ever forget our hands on the ground
playing with the earth and the leaves that surround
and I listen to you sing to a one man band
as you reached the chorus and you held my hand

Will you ever forget our shadows on the street
rough roads and mountains, you said “let’s take a trip!”
we rode your truck under the summer heat
with our fave songs that we sang together and couldn’t skip

Will you ever forget that lil’ kitty on the backseat
that must’ve spent the night on the covers of your truck
you placed it in my hand and that was really neat
you looked at my smiling eyes and said “you are in luck!”

Will you ever forget the color of the sea as we sat on a log
it was dusk and we waited for the setting sun
in a summer day no one could ever bug
we spent the day but it felt like it has just begun

Will you ever remember how we were two lost souls
but we talked so much about Jesus as him you seemed to know
and you were all that good, wonderful and pleasing to me
now all I can say is thank you for that memory


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