The Showstoppers

Today, as I was scrolling through some blogs, a word came into my mind- showstopper and I couldn’t help but think about the showstoppers in my life. If you’ve attended theatrical plays, entertainment shows,etc. you’ve probably encountered a “showstopping performance”. It could be a performance, so lovely, so bizarre, so amazing that the audience couldn’t stop applauding and therefore, the show has to stop for a bit. This is a good thing, actually. Even, perhaps, an achievement to some. “I was the showstopper that night!”. I then thought, if that certain night or show showcases such awesome talents and numbers, you wouldn’t want to stop watching right? It’s like in our lives, when blessings are pouring out, when good things are happening, we no longer want to stop. We always hope for good things in life!

I haven’t been vocal in my blog about personal things in life, but figured that there’s nothing really wrong in doing so. When I  resumed blogging, I think I wanted it to be so interesting and realized that I’m missing the whole point. Why do people blog? Why do artists write their songs? Why is TS not afraid to say “coz you know I love the players and you love the game!”? (I love Taylor Swift, by the way)  I mean, this is a blog and this is a way, a medium, where people can just express themselves to the world, hoping not to be judged, or to be judged less. Compared to other social media platforms where you can be judged easily by the way you dress, the way you post your pictures. “You’re too excited to put all those non-sense, uninteresting, dull pictures in an album which nobody cares to even look at”. People can easily say things about your weight, your thoughts and ideas, your grammar. You get judged. Period. But here in wordpress, and as I’ve been reading other people’s blogs, I’d like to think that a person can be an open book and other bloggers will understand. Who are you to stop the show anyway? A person’s blog is his only outlet and if you don’t like it then don’t “like” it.

I would not want my blog to just be full of pretense. I know that my parents or even my kids would one day read this in the future and I want it to be real. Currently trying to identify the showstoppers in my life. I realize, I live with them and that is something that I have to deal with, everyday. For example, I want to be going some place but they just stop me. Right then and there, they give reasons such as my health (which I maintain very well, nowadays. I used to have frequent asthma attacks), that it’s too hot to be under the sun for so long or that it is dangerous to ride a bus. You know, I’m 24 and financially capable, however, I still live with my parents because I’m still studying law. My best friend is right, I might have to wait after law school to gain my freedom!! I know that most of you would think, “why the hell do you still live with your parents?”. Truth be told, I am financially capable but if all the bills and rent kicked in, I might not have enough money for other leisurely activities like going to the beach and doing online shopping. But take note, that I don’t get to do any of that while I am with my parents so I have to be in my “sweet escape”, Manila, where my sister lives. I also have to finish law school, take the bar exam and become a great lawyer. More of that in my upcoming blogs. For the time being, I just have to deal with the showstopping, and keep on doing what I have to do. After all, I believe in reaping what you sow and I know that these little sacrifices will bear great fruits in the future. (well, this blog ended in a positive note. Didn’t expect that). Thanks to this, I might have more to write about in the future. 🙂


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