Catching up with Writing 101: First Task

I “enrolled” myself to Writing 101 here in WordPress and completely forgot to check out my email. Turns out that Writing 101 started last April 6, after Holy Week here in the Philippines, while I was in Manila. That was the exact day I started working on my case digest project, so it would have been impossible to do my Writing 101 homework. Okay, yeah. I’m just making excuses! Well, yknow, I was on vacation too.

Anyway, here I am. If you’ve read my posts, you can tell that I haven’t really been doing much right now. It is summer time and I have no summer classes. Starting with this Writing 101 program is really beneficial for me. I’ve decided to no longer catch up with the exact dates of the program but I will adjust it commencing today and just read the tasks and emails for the following days. The latest email I got is already day fifteen and I am aware that this program will only last for twenty days. I know! It is too late! But it’s always, always, better late than never. If you’re one of those participants in the Writing 101, perhaps, you can give me a heads up of what to expect? How have you been doing with the tasks? Truth is, I am already doing the first task which is to “Unlock the mind”. The task is about writing freely for 20-minutes. To write just about anything that comes out of my mind and so I am doing it now. I’m trying to think of ways to use up my time and I think this a good way for me to develop my writing skills. I’m also excited to participate in this program. It is like enrolling in an online summer writing class. There are a lot of times that I catch myself just being bored then I remember that I can always come up with ways to not feel bored and use up my time to develop myself.

It’s also interesting because it is always in summer time that I find myself writing. Obviously, it’s the free time but I don’t want to completely detach myself from school work. It’s just amazing that ideas also just kind of enter my mind and they just come out through words. Also, I still do my readings. I mean, I have to, and I love reading the law. It’s interesting and technical. You always have an advantage if you know the law and I’m not going to elaborate on that because it’s something that only a few people can do. Okay, twenty minutes is almost over and hopefully, I was able to jot down something substantial. Excited for the next task tomorrow.


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