Writing 101, Day Two: A Room with a View


The sun is scorching hot. I’m dragging my small, red luggage across the asphalt street, dodging spits and dirt on the road. I remember my mom would tell me to drag my bag slowly because the wheels might detach. Yes, I remember my mom’s voice well and her reminders that just pop into my mind. I get on the big jeepney after handing over my red luggage to the “konduktor”. I guess it isn’t in his job description to help the passengers load their stuff but he does it anyway. “Thank you, nong.”

The jeepney that I’m in today is  blue one. I see a lot of blue jeepneys around here with loads of “batuan” lodged on the roof of the jeepney. The “konduktor” gathers our fare, I tie my hair into a bun and place my bag pack on my lap and pretty soon, I know that I’d be snoozing for an hour. First, let me check where my phone is. Oh, Kiko has texted me. He’s also about to leave his house and head to our school, UPV, Miagao. I love the sound of my Sony Ericsson Walkman phone, and the keypad is black, with soft buttons and the letters and numbers are backlit. Oh, well, guess, I’ll snooze now. I’m excited to be in my dormitory and of course, to see him. 🙂



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