Writing 101, Day Four: Serially Lost Part 1

Off to my first night out here in Manila, again, after five months. The last time I came here, I only spent the night then left for the airport. Now, I have two weeks! Two weeks that I hope to spend well. Now, I need something to complete my look. Hmm.. I don’t have my watch with me, so I guess my sister’s tomato watch will be perfect for my outfit and I guess she doesn’t mind me borrowing it. I don’t think she’s even using it, evincing from the dust I can see on these other straps.I think I can wash the other straps later so I can use them while I’m here. This  black and white strap looks fab! Alright, I look fine. I’m going out with a close friend of mine with her boyfriend who’s also a friend. I hope we eat some good food tonight. I want to skip fatty foods, though. I’ve been working out and I’ve been trying to trim down my belly for the beach. I, honestly, think that I’m not eating healthy anymore. I feel really thin. I mean when I wake up at night, I try to feel my elbows and they feel like the arms of a 5-year old. This is not good. I think I should be eating more.

“I think we should wait at KFC”, my friend said. “Sure! We have lots to talk about while waiting”, I replied. We waited for about an hour. I knew because I glanced at my sister’s watch. “Uh, where is he?” Katherine was starting to become impatient.



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