Writing 101, Day Seven: Should I Stay or Should I Go?

I think you should stay. You have free lodging, a really big house with pets and a cute nephew.

Definitely, you should leave! You are financially capable of sustaining your needs. You have a great online job. It’s paying you real money! You should just know how to manage it.

If you leave, you have to pay for your internet connection on your own,rent, bills! You can’t share it with your sister or call your father if your sister doesn’t pay the internet on time.

You should leave and go get the freedom that you’ve always wanted! The freedom to go anywhere- the beach! You love the beach right? And the waterfalls and travelling long distances.

You should stay, or else pay for tuition!

You can still ask for your parents’ support even if you’re away. What’s the use of technology?

If you leave, you will never have the chance to improve your communication with your parents. Do you want that?

You should leave, you can just call them or skype them or visit them!

You should stay. How much do you have in the bank? 5 digits? Girl, that will zero out if you leave the nest now!



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