Writing 101, Day Six: A Character-Building Experience


Mr. Married Guy

He always greets our classmates with his warm smile, if he came in early. He is usually late. He enters the room and slightly leans forward while walking swiftly to an empty chair, crossing the aisle, hoping the professor would not see him. But I guess they always do, ’cause he is known as the son of the assistant dean of our school, and he is noticeably. He has that neatness in him. I would sometimes take a short glance at this latecomer. In my mind, he never fails to come in late to class. He looks simple all the time. He just wears either a black or white tee or sometimes a scrub suit which tells me that he’s definitely, a nurse. He could not be a masseuse  as how my classmates would tease him. He usually has a white Gshock watch on, perhaps, to match his white rubber shoes. He looks neat, alright. Perhaps, nurses are required to look neat all the time, even when they are not in uniforms. I don’t know him. Well, I didn’t. We just pass by each other and I give a slight, hesitant, half of a smile. I didn’t know him until we had this BINGO event in school. It was our year level that hosted it and we were required to purchase the tickets. I was excited to go there. I was looking forward to play the game. An unknown number texted me, then I read it and it was him. I wondered, of all the classmates he had, why would he request me to play with his bingo cards. Of course, he didn’t want them to go to waste. I didn’t see him that day. He handed his ticket to one of our classmates who was a close friend of mine, and she told me that he asked her to give it to me. Then, I was, okay, my cousins were with me to play the game so I can distribute the tickets evenly so we don’t all get our hands too full.

We became friends after that. He would ask me about homework or the exams. The last time we got in touch was while he was on vacation in another city. I haven’t heard from him from then on, but I guess I won’t ask him how he is. He’s married. He had a way of listening to me when I talked about the exams and my uncertain answers. He would say “okay..” in a tone which tells me that he was awaiting for the next word, answer or legal basis that I was going to say, so I knew I had to say something more. He’d reply in a sad tone, and he does this all the time, every time we talked about exams, that he didn’t know the answers. Once, he dropped by my house to borrow a book in taxation. I waited for him outside the house. He rolled down his window as he drove in front of our house and again flashed that warm smile but I could tell he was already a bit tired.

He had a little baby girl. I’d like to think that he’s a really busy person. I guess, he is. Maybe, he has valid reasons why he always came in late to class, he doesn’t know majority of the answers to the exams, he doesn’t attend school activities and gatherings. I don’t want him to miss out, though. I don’t know when will I see him again. Sometimes, I think that he’s just after the friendship as long as he benefits from it. I don’t even want to think about it. He’s a busy, married man who’d grab the help he can get from someone. As a friend, though, he’s one, cool, person.



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