Everyday Inspiration, Day One: I write because…



      I am guilty of slacking this summer! I participated in this course so that I could have something to write about for EVERY day of the summer. I was wondering why I wasn’t receiving any emails from the course and I just found out 10 minutes ago that the emails were coming in but were classified under social and I only check my primary inbox. I’d like to begin with day one and catch up until day twelve but I promise myself that I will do this gradually and that I will stop when my brain’s dry. So let me begin with today’s prompt “I write because…”

First of all, I write because there are so many things in my mind. My mind is telling me to do this, do that, learn the guitar, the piano, the violin, skip class to go to places, don’t take a nap and do something else. There are so many things that I can think of and so little time to do it. There are a lot of things in my mind that I’d love to share with someone but then there isn’t enough time sometimes and finding the right person to spend time with to share all those thoughts is also, sometimes, a challenge. 😀

I write because it’s one of my hobbies. When I was young, I kept a blog in multiply. I had one in blogspot (for the purpose of my internship). I started blogging when I was in grade six, as far as I can remember. I would wake up at 5am to write. I was excited to use the PC because that time, I was only getting familiar with the internet and its wonders. I found the perfect venue to pour out my thoughts and I knew that I’d be doing it for a long time. I had several attempts of creating the perfect blog post. I was excited for people to read it and I wanted to see comments. I felt kilig everytime I see a comment. But in this goal of creating the perfect blog, I, somehow, felt discouraged and thought to myself that I wasn’t writing well, that the content of my blog was something I decently call content. I wasn’t content at all!

I write because I am an emotional person and sometimes, people cannot understand you when you are, so I’d rather write it.

I write because I believe this will be my legacy and I secretly love it when I am in people’s thoughts because I know I have a little place in their hearts and it will be through my writing that I will continue to dwell with them when I am gone. I hope that doesn’t creep you out. I want to stay, somehow, in the hearts of the people that I love.

Lastly, I write because I am a woman in love. It is well-established how emotional women are but those emotions are not awakened if they haven’t experienced love and I write it. I write now because back then, I was so afraid that people will judge me for who I am and for the things that I’ve done. I would write something real and I would delete it, afraid that people will not like it, that I haven’t written it well enough for people to not misinterpret it. I write because I have accepted the fact that not everyone will like me and that we are all free beings, free to express ourselves. Self-expression is something that we should all practice. We must learn to express ourselves in a medium appropriate and comfortable for us and we must not be afraid of the people around us.




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