Everyday Inspiration, Day 4: A Story in a Single Image


Hi…God. Dear God, I think that maybe it’s too late now to come to you. I don’t know what to say since it’s been a while since I last talked to you. I can’t even remember when that was. I’m sorry. I don’t know what I’ve done to be stricken by an illness like this. Just like the wind, I know one day I will stop blowing but I hope my children will not feel my absence. Of course, they will. They will remember me when they stare at the lounging chair in front of the television. They will remember me when they see table tennis rackets and automobiles. They will remember me when somebody says something negative about their choice of changing their religion. They will remember me in courts of justice and black robes. They will remember me in weddings and ceremonies but I hope that I have loved them enough, God, for them not to forget me. For them to understand why I told them there were sharks in places where sharks had no access, why I told them that having a boyfriend is not a priority but I also insisted on my eldest child to have a boyfriend soon, why I wanted one of them to become a lawyer even if that was not her dream. I hope she sees and understands. I hope they forgive me for being a very strict father but they would understand why I was and now that they’re getting older, I hope to see the work that you and I have done with them. I want to see them live their lives with their husbands and children and that they are all genuinely happy in their respective homes. I hope their husbands will love them the way I love and took care of them. I may not have told you all this but I hope you’d give me that chance to see that they will all be okay without me.



Everyday Inspiration, Day 3: Abundance


It is only when you choose to step outside the walls that you experience the abundance of the place where you live in and eventually, you experience abundance within yourself. I felt this when my relationship was on the rocks. I went on a vacation with my sister to Baguio City and then with some friends to Zambales. When you are experiencing a heartbreak or heartache, allow your friends to step in and help you. Don’t handle the heartache alone because you’ll end up blaming yourself or thinking negatively about yourself. Instead, get out of the box and look at the world that’s around you. Regardless if you’re single or not, meet people. It is a chance to be once again, interested in the lives of others and not just one person. There is abundance in experience. There is abundance in nature. There is abundance in relationships. Think of this when you’re tired of giving all the time, when you’re tired of your job, when you’re simply tired. Maybe, you just need to take a break. Cut yourself some slack and experience abundance. The greatest abundance, of course, is in experiencing your God. This is a genuine kind of abundance that cannot be achieved within the walls of this world. When you feel that abundance, you can make better choices and decisions that will set you free.

Note: This picture was taken by the person who was the source of my heartache. 🙂



Everyday Inspiration, Day Two: Write a List

I’m not done with my Everyday Inspiration Course yet so allow me. 🙂 Today’s task is:

Today, write your own list on one of these topics: (but I would like to write some things for all of these topics)

  • Things I Like
  • Things I’ve Learned
  • Things I Wish
  • Things You’re Good At

Things I Like

I like so many things! First of all, I like furry pet animals, most especially cats, but we have dogs at home. I like singing and playing my guitar. I like music in general. I listen to music when I work because it gives me focus and I become more productive. I like reading and how it takes you to places. I like getting lost when I am reading and thankfully, it also happens when I’m reading a law book but it isn’t that exciting as compared to reading scifi, novels or books for leisure. I like to travel, of course! I like to check the map of the places I’ve been to in the Philippines. For now, my finances 0nly permit me to travel within the Philippines and I am good with that. I think there is so much to discover in the Philippines and that I love my own country. I like talking with people who have been to many different places and have experienced different things in life. I like pastels! Staring at my mint green shoes make me so happy and looking at peach houses makes me wish I already had my own home that I can design. I like studying. I won’t lie. There are times that I feel lazy to study that is I guess, because it is labeled as studying and I have to study a certain amount for a certain day. You know, it feels like a task and sometimes I don’t see the fun in it anymore. But the good part when you are enrolled in a school is that it helps you keep track and get back on track. It’s more challenging to be studying at your own pace with no exams and no pressure. Think about the other things that you could be doing while you’re in the library. For a person like me who loves the outdoors, it’s rather difficult to stay in the room for long hours. Nonetheless, I do it. I have to do it. I have to make little sacrifices (they’re not little) in order to achieve something.

I like writing, of course. I wouldn’t be here if I had no likes for writing. I’d like to get better with it. Lastly, I love summer! I love the adventure, stories, bonfires, snorkels, nature, romance. I don’t like the hot weather though. Now that summer is ending, I have to refocus on my studies.

Things I’ve Learned

Eat when I’m hungry and as much as possible, don’t delay. I’m writing this in no specific order. This is important for me as I’ve learned that hunger really changes my mood and it affects my response to circumstances that occur within the period that I am hungry. If I suddenly get angry for no reason, it probably is because I am hungry.

Choose the relationships that you’d like to take care of. Honestly, you cannot maintain all of your relationships but as much as possible, try to keep in touch and initiate conversations with old friends. It’s better to choose the relationships you’d like to nurture and give your best in taking care of it. Be there on birthdays and send messages. Let the person know that no matter how long it’s been, he or she is still in your thoughts. Just know that you cannot maintain all of them. People come and go, right and we have all heard this. Make it a point to identify what is important for you and take care of it.

I’ve learned that sometimes, no matter how much you hate a person, you just have to shut up! Know who your real friends are. Not all people will like you. People will hate or be envious of you for what you have and for who you are. You are not meant to please everyone. Don’t worry, the good ones will stick around and they will be easily identifiable when the time comes. I used to always become emotional with friends and losing them or having fights with a friend used to be a big deal for me. At this age, I’ve learned that the person you call “friend”and who manages to talk behind your back does not give a shit about. You were just blinded by the common things and the time you had to share the common things. A real friend is concerned about you, your welfare and your reputation. In this life, your true friends can be counted with just your ten fingers.

Things I Wish

First thing that entered my mind is I wish I had a better relationship with my parents. I envy people I know who get to talk about their love lives so openly with their parents. I wish they were more open minded when it comes to their idea of success, happiness and love. I wish they talked more about their lives. I wish I get to know them better.

I wish I earned more so that I could travel some more. Then, I would be more inspired to write about getting lost in NY or dreading the taste of insects in China. For now, I’m happy travelling within my country. I know I will be able to do these things in the future.

I wish I took up ballet class when I was young. I love the gracefulness of ballet dancers and how they always seem to be slim always. Their costumes are cute and their dances are so pretty. I used to be a member of Hublag Dance Company when I was in first year College because I love dancing. Our genre was hiphop jazz. I am not very flexible and would’ve been had I taken up ballet classes. haha. If I have a daughter one day, I will let her enroll in a ballet class given that she would also want it. 🙂

I wish to get married someday with my love right now. Our relationship is not perfect but we are way past the stage of fighting over petty things and I believe that we can be put under one roof and it wouldn’t be that chaotic. We are, somehow, learning how to handle our finances, we both can cook, or maybe I can cook (haha), we can both drive a motorbike and a car and we are starting to pay for big things slowly. We are also improving our communication. I love his character and he loves my craziness. I hope one day, we will start paying for our house. It’s a long way to go though but I am not afraid. I worry sometimes but I just keep praying and working. We memorize each others’ body language and I know just when he’s pissed off or what pisses him off. We broke off and got back to each other. If I end up with him, I think it’s not going to be that bad. haha. Why am I not that positive about this? Because as I mentioned earlier, my hunger might just ruin everything! I’m kidding. I hope the universe will give us its favors. Please!

There are many things that I wish for but I think I will proceed to the next one…

Things I’m Good At

I’m good at writing (or ranting). I’d like to claim that this is me 🙂 that I could always write wherever I am and that I will always try to write. I’m good at reading body language. I am quite sensitive to the feelings of people and animals. I can feel when someone is very comfortable with me and when someone is just tolerating my presence. I think it is easy to feel when somebody is enjoying your company. I am good at tinkering things and creating home made things like magnets, bracelets, scrap books, etc. I’m good at interior designing. I didn’t take up any formal class in ID but I wrote for an interior design website for about a year and I had a crash course in ID. It is also among my interests that I’d like to develop more. I like designing houses in The Sims.

There goes my list! I like this idea. It measures how much you know yourself. 🙂