Everyday Inspiration, Day 3: Abundance


It is only when you choose to step outside the walls that you experience the abundance of the place where you live in and eventually, you experience abundance within yourself. I felt this when my relationship was on the rocks. I went on a vacation with my sister to Baguio City and then with some friends to Zambales. When you are experiencing a heartbreak or heartache, allow your friends to step in and help you. Don’t handle the heartache alone because you’ll end up blaming yourself or thinking negatively about yourself. Instead, get out of the box and look at the world that’s around you. Regardless if you’re single or not, meet people. It is a chance to be once again, interested in the lives of others and not just one person. There is abundance in experience. There is abundance in nature. There is abundance in relationships. Think of this when you’re tired of giving all the time, when you’re tired of your job, when you’re simply tired. Maybe, you just need to take a break. Cut yourself some slack and experience abundance. The greatest abundance, of course, is in experiencing your God. This is a genuine kind of abundance that cannot be achieved within the walls of this world. When you feel that abundance, you can make better choices and decisions that will set you free.

Note: This picture was taken by the person who was the source of my heartache. 🙂




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